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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Mineral Can Improve Your Life

One mineral really can make difference!

We are bombarded with commercials, articles, products and reasons why we NEED Calcium.  And I agree.  We do!   Calcium is important in many ways - however Magnesium in my opinion is almost more important after you educate yourself on the role it plays in our body - physically and mentally!  

A few ways that Magnesium works behind the scenes to help our bodies:
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Relaxes our blood vessels (blood pressure)
  • Helps with bowel activity
  • Helps the Heart muscle do it's job (prevention of stroke, heart attacks, helps with abnormal heart rhythms)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Helps with ADHD
  • Sleep
  • Bone and teeth formation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Natural blood thinner
Of course using food as a tool to get more magnesium into your body is the safest way to supplement so do some homework as to what foods/herbs are higher in Magnesium.   

A Few Basics:

Pumpkin Seeds
Dark Chocolate
Dark leafy greens
Almonds/Almond Butter, Cashews, Pine Nuts (make your own trail mix!)

Epsom Salt (Natural source of Magnesium) 

You can also take a bath using once or twice a week in Epsom Salts( 1 cup to bath water) to soothe aches and encourage relaxation while your skin absorbs magnesium or a soothing footsoak (1/2 cup Epsom Salts) in cool or warm water depending on the weather outside!   Also helps with foot odor.

Supplementing is fine too, but stick to the basics with dosages.  For Females over age 14 about 300mg per day  and Men about 400mg per day.  If you have any Kidney problems or health issues you really need to check with your doctor before taking on any added Magnesium.  Too much is not a good thing either!

I still prefer food or natural sources for my Magnesium so not to have to worry about getting too much..however a blood test is great to know where you stand.  Some people are dangerously low and this is one sure way to find out!  My doctor will even give Magnesium in an IV if really low...so if you have symtoms of possible deficiency, get a simple blood test to be sure..

Even Dr Oz has made mention of how important Magnesium is in our bodies!  
Why You Need Magnesium

Another great source of information in this Article also.  

Needless to say I don't want you to take my word for it!  As always I encourage you to educate yourself on your options and what your body may benefit from.  This is one of many informative books out there, but a great place to start for anyone interested. 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Natural Fix for Acne

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend of summer weather - almost made Monday not feel so bad knowing it was a work day! ha!  Well, it helps.

I hope you have had the chance to check out my new YouTube Channel, I'm not sure if I will be posting all my videos to my site but for now I am.  By all means subscribe to my channel or at the very least subscribe to my site with your email (top right of this page) so you get regular updates.

Now all that out of the way, my video concentrates on 3-4 'natural' ways to help deal with and get rid of Acne.  No fun at any age and yes, some have worse cases then others.  Sometimes it's just a matter of finding what works for you and being open to a bit of experimentation. Diet actually does come into play mainly for how it affects your hormones and the bacteria build up in your body.  So while food isn't the totally to blame, watching what causes breakouts is your body telling you you could stand to upgrade your diet and drink more water.

Please realize that not everything works for everyone, but these have worked for many, so hopefully you or someone you know will find relief!

Thanks for watching!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Root2Health On YouTube - Acid Reflux

Yes I'm taking the plunge and have started my new YouTube Channel, focusing on "Natural Health Fix" tips from A-Z!


I'm kind of excited about it as this way I can reach even more folks with concerns they may be having and you can share video with friends or family who may need the information as well!  

Now I am no video expert and I realize my video here on Acid Reflux feels very 'beginner-ish' to me and a bit too close up, lol but hey, you have to start somewhere and hopefully they will get better as I go along.

Please feel free to comment under the video and hit the like button if it helped you in any way.  I do have a favor to ask that if you would let me know either on YouTube or comment on this post, if you want to see any certain subject discussed. 

I also have updated my Health Consultation Page and you will now see an choice for a 'one question option' so if you  just need some clarification or a suggestion sooner rather than later - it's only FIVE DOLLARS ($5)!! 

I made this totally affordable so I hope you will not be afraid to use this option whenever some help is needed. Of course more in depth answers are available with the full, online consultation. 

I won't necessarily be posting all future videos on my website, so please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel so you can keep track.  Of course the other option is to sign up for each new post here, with your email on right of this page.

Sooo please take a few minutes (about 8) and watch my video on Acid Reflux and hopefully you or someone you know can benefit!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Are You Living In A Bubble?

Now what do I mean by that?

"It says MOOPS!" (Seinfeld fans get this lol)
For me it means never thinking outside of the box, rarely trying anything or going anywhere new, and frankly being afraid to even consider it.  The thinking of  'well why make waves, or why fix it if it isn't broke'  - to me also can mean settling for less.  

Happily I am a big believer of 'popping' the perceived 'bubble'.  

I get ansty when some things stay the same or seemingly don't change. 

Routine is one of those things.  Granted, I kind of like some of my routines, I know what to expect, and feel comfort in that.  Fine.  Dandy.   But then there are things I do or most of us do, because it's easy, or we've gotten used to it, and what's all the fuss about?  But see, this is what starts nagging me.  If I don't consider something in a different light, how will I ever know what is out there?   As quite frankly, as it turns out - LOTS!!

 Since I love examples, here's 3 

1) I'm an avid reader, always have been.  I tend to lean towards Mysteries, some fiction and yes some self help/health stuff.  But for pure pleasure it's always been Mysteries - 'Who done it' sorts.  Old world, and current, I enjoy it all.  Over the years however I realized I was in a rut.  I read the same types of authors (whom I love) but realized...gee there's a ba-zillion authors out there, maybe I should start asking for some other authors.   And I did.  What a treat!!  An entire new world opened up to me when I started thinking outside of the box!  In the past, I'd sort of dismiss some of the 'types' of authors or stories others talked about.  "Oh those aren't for me", I'd pipe in.  And well sure, some of them still don't do it for me.  But I have to tell you...LOTS of them do!  I feel like I hit the lottery with all these new authors!  (anyone who reads gets this lol)  

2) As you know..I partake in natural therapies.  I've tried or experimented with all kinds of 'stuff'.  I do my research and give it a go.  For the most part I've been very happy with what I've found to work for me.  Sure not EVERYTHING works for everyone..but thankfully there's so much out there to choose from - thinking out side of the box, again!

3)  Do you ever drive somewhere a lot, maybe to work or someone's house...knowing which route works, probably in your sleep. And if you are like me, usually the easiest and fastest.  Well  I have recently started to take totally alternate routes to some of my normal destinations.  I
have to laugh at how many streets I've never been down in my own general neighborhood!  I've also branched out to other areas, finding parks I never knew existed, stores I have never seen not to mention restaurants.  Take a detour now and then!

Living in a bubble for somethings doesn't  make a big difference in your day to day, but when you feel bored or just that ho-hum, uninspired feeling -  maybe it's time to you ask yourself, "Am I really enjoying all the magnificence  that our world has to offer?" 

We live in a abundant Universe.  Start thinking outside of the 'bubble' and see what surprises and new horizons are out there - could lead to all sorts of new delights or adventures!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Anyone Can Do A One Day Detox!

I'm all for not complicating matters.

 When faced with something that feels like a chore we tend to put it lower on the list, where it tends to stay!  After our LONG-ASS, cold, winter...(Yes I'm being rather 'cheeky' but it seems to fit)  I am more than ready to wave bye-bye to Winter and welcome Spring and all that comes with it!

I've been looking into new ways of gardening - I've done regular gardening and container gardening, and am looking into some vertical gardening. Pretty cool stuff!  I'm also checking out areas I may wantto explore outdoors, whether for walking or simple places to read or meditate as it really improves my overall sense of well-being and I've so missed it!

I'm also more than ready to lighten up my eating, and yes even for 1 day you will feel a difference and your body feels it too!  When I do these mini detox's I keep it simple!  This is KEY!  Little to no preparation, just some items to get when out doing your regular shopping! 

Ready for my big plan?? 

RAW FOOD for 1 day - and plenty of water and herb tea. 

That's all she wrote!  Easy or what??  Now for those who aren't quite up to speed with what that may mean, you can certainly google what a raw food diet consists of.  But since I've done it many times I'll give you the basics.  I only eat fresh, uncooked live foods.  All plant based.   This means fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  

My day may look like this:

Breakfast:  Bowl of fresh fruit (as much as I want) 

Snack:  more fruit and or maybe some sunflower seeds or other raw nuts (health food stores or Wegmans has nice bulk area in Natural Mart- so I only buy what I need for the day)

Lunch: Big salad!  (I always think of that Seinfeld episode when I say 'Big Salad' lol) This just means lots of different greens, veggies, maybe even a chopped up apple & some nuts.   I make my own salad dressing. (lots of great recipes on AllRecipes.com), or just use some  oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and some garlic or onion powder and toss.  

Snack: Any of the above...so could be an apple, more nuts, cup of tea 

Dinner:  Guacamole (any time of day, but I save for dinner) with fresh garlic and red onion, I dip some thin sliced celery in or spread on thin sliced cucumber.  I LOVE GUACAMOLE  and actually eat it once a week regardless!  I may also have a tomato/cuke/onion salad on side

Snack:  If I still need a snack..might be small bowl of fresh fruit or some nuts/apple.  

It doesn't have to be so involved...the only realy 'prep' is making sure you have the food items on hand.  I buy organic when I can...but don't let that stop you.  Wash your food well and just do it.  More organics and fresh options when the farmers market's open and then you can do it more often! 

I also take some of my Colon Cleanse the night before - (well I take it more often but on these days, it's a definite)  Why not clear things out and help the body even more?

Pick a day and just do it!  I will do it on a work day or weekend, just depends on my schedule.  If you are prepared, there is no reason NOT to give it a go.  Helps with maintaining or losing some weight too, if you do more than one day per week.  

Carlton dancing

Needless to say I can't tell how much I'm looking forward to Spring! Enough to do a happy dance! Remember Carlton?   HA!  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

7 Tips To Improved Healing

I am one of those people who honestly believes that ANYTHING is possible.  I feel our only
limitations are the ones we place on ourselves - and the beliefs we hold as 'truths' for ourselves.  Over the years I have adapted new beliefs that have served me more than some of my older ones– kind of ‘unlearning’ things that I was ‘taught’ – as back in the day, let's face it - we looked to others for direction.  However now as an adult I realize some things just didn’t set well with me and my gut instincts or the inner me would ‘feel’ something was off.  And new answers came, as in my heart/head I kept asking for better – so glad I did! 

If you’ve been following me you know I've been helping folks with their physical issues for a really long time lol - offering options and remedies to help improve a state of health they were dealing with, whether a physical concern or emotional one.  So many wonderful results have  reinforced my 'beliefs' that I am convinced that our bodies are PROGRAMMED for wellness.  All we need to do is to get out of the way to help things along. If you think about the basic programming of our body, it really is set up to 'heal'.  Cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, hair growing, ulcers, colds, flu etc...while these are basic examples, they do show how the body leans towards wellness.  I like to think of how nature 'knows' how to change seasons, how animals "know" how to migrate, or what to eat, or hibernate or spin a web or a cocoon.  It is already BUILT IN.  It stands to reason the same is said of our bodies. They "know' how to heal.   Read below to see how you can encourage that gift we have inside!

7 Tips To Healing:
  1. Decide how you want to feel - Regardless of it being a physical or emotional issue - if you feel lousy, scared or upset in some way - then it stands to reason there is a flipside to that feeling.  For example, if worried or anxious - the opposite of that might be 'relief or appreciation' - the improved, positive feelings are what you want to switch to AS SOON  as you notice yourself sliding down that slope of feeling bad.
  2. Start to pay attention to things you are saying and hearing/reading.  - For me this means muting all Television commercials!  I also rarely watch the news other than when winter is acting up.  When you are trying to make improvements in any area - start choosing your words and your attention to be more in tune with the 'better' feeling you are wanting.
  3. Take REGULAR breaks to check in with yourself. -When you change how you feel your cells follow your lead.  We easily find ourselves getting carried along with a crabby friend or co-worker, not realizing what it's doing to our own 'stuff'.  I suggest setting your cell phone for various times during the day to go off and remind you to 'check in' to see if thoughts/feelings need an overhaul.
  4. "Me Time"  Twice Per Day - Preferably morning and evening but at the very least every night in the evening.  This is a time to talk to your body or self about how GOOD it feels to have a healthy body - (especially areas in the body that are doing such a great job for you NOW) You don't have to overly focus on areas that need improvement as again, your
    body KNOWS the drill!  But taking time to thank your body, cells, organs, bones, muscles, mind etc, daily for all they do and KEEP doing is like a soothing balm to your cells.  Think about how good it feels when you get a complement or a genuine thank you for doing something.  Don't you just glow inside?  It's no different for our insides.
  5. Stop talking about your problem.  Now of course you can speak of it, or talk with those who are assisting you along the way.  However it should not be a topic of constant conversation.  When I hurt my knee last summer and was obviously limping everyone kept asking me what was wrong or telling me what I should do.  At first I was also talking about it...THEN I realized it was irritating and I was getting drawn into other negative stories etc.  Irritation is a sign of needing to change things around!  I stopped talking about it AND after that whenever someone said something I simply said..."Actually it's getting much better" and that stopped the negative comments in their tracks! 
  6. Make a daily list of 10 things you appreciate and take a minute to feel the "WHY" behind why you appreciate it, or them.  Adding the 'feelings' behind it sink into your cells better than simply reciting a list.  
  7. "Never face reality, unless it's a reality you want" ~ Abraham Hicks.  Simple sentiment but loaded with meaning!  Simply  a shorter way of saying all of the above tips and more.  Keep turning more to what you want and how you want to feel and be, and you will morph into a new and improved you/reality.  
I hope you are getting the picture.  Please know I am NOT handing out medical advice of any kind or any type of do or don't.   This is just what I see for myself or anyone as a way to improve what our bodies already know.  By all means keep up with any medicine, treatments, diets, counseling etc that feels good to you and be grateful for that also!   

And there are so many places to find even more information on the subject - Websites, Blogs, Books and Videos by Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, MD, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks,  Dr Joe Dispenza and MANY more.  You have to be open to the information to find it - and trust me you will!  

 I hope you found this helpful and feel free to share this article with anyone you think may benefit! 

Friday, December 06, 2013

How To Talk Yourself Out of a Cold

What is she talking about, you are asking yourself?    Well hopefully you are at least curious!

What I'm talking about is how many people this time of year will 'talk up' the cold and flu season like it can't be avoided, and it's 'just the way it is'!  Please!  It started even before winter, I think I saw flu shot signs in August! 

Well I know it for a fact that we CAN impact our susceptibility as I've seen it work for myself and others - and you probably know people who have done the same. (usually not even knowing they are doing it) Those are the folks who typically breeze through winter with hardly a sniffle.  "I very rarely get sick..." they comment, and you probably roll your eyes and think..'yeah sure'.  

Ahhh...but there is absolute truth to the concept if you can give it a chance.  I know I've talked myself right out of a stomach flu once I had it the symptoms and all my 'issues' diminished dramatically once I remembered I could at least TRY and feel better.   The same for colds and flus.  

It's very simple really and just a few steps to keep you healthier than you've ever been during this time of year.
  • Ignore all commercials, signs or articles about the flu and the statistics that go with it!  Stop buying in to all the hype!
  • Try not to ask get into conversations when folks start talking about their cold/flu or all the people they know who have it or had it.  I simply nod my head a bit and then just change the conversation.  We don't have to be rude, but we also don't have to commiserate with something we want no part of!
  • When by yourself, in the shower or in the car...wherever!  Start telling your body and your immune system how thankful you are for how well it functions no matter what time of year
    it is.  Tell yourself how much you enjoy your clear sinuses and great respiratory system, that you love breathing in easily and all the fresh airs and scents this time of year.  
  • Enjoy some healthy treats!  A new herbal tea that tastes good, some crystallized ginger to boost your system even more, some aromatherapy candles that clear the air and uplift your spirits.
I hope you're getting the picture - this really can work if you put your focus more on health and feeling good, then on worry or running away from anyone who pulls out a kleenex.  All I do when I come in contact with someone who isn't feeling too great is wash my hands..and quietly say one of the above positive statements while I'm doing it and I'm good to go!

Here's to your healthiest winter ever!

P.s.Please ALWAYS contact your physician with your health concerns. 

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